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The Overhead Sensor with Side-by-Side in background

CrowdCounter Technology manufactures a full line of both side by side and overhead People Counters and Optical Turnstiles.  These units can be interfaced to all Security Access Control and other Monitoring systems using both Serial Data Links and Relay Contact Closures. They are ideal for People Monitoring of all kinds, and supplement CCTV and Automated Security and Control systems.


Product Applications

Airports, Security Curtain & People Monitoring

Amusement Parks

Casinos and Gambling Facilities

Museums, People Counting for Attendance Recording, and Security

Prisons and Detention Facilities

Restaurants, Cash Register Monitoring

Retail , People Traffic Data and Data Mining

Theatres and Cinema, Attendance Monitoring


Product Specifications

People Counter Description

OverHead Sensor Specification

Display & Report Unit Specification

CrowdCounter Technology Security Curtain

Nodal Configuration

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